College 101: Saving Money

2:02 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

If you have met a college student, you know the saying: "I can't. I don't have the money. I'm a broke college student." All college students are guilty of saying this, even myself. So, I came up with ways to save money.

-Do not order food often. Many of my friends and I became guilty of ordering food more than once a week for a late night snack. We could easily save $10-$20 per week if we stocked up on snack food at Walmart at the beginning of each month.

-Don't drive. Save gas money by taking the shuttle around campus. At my college, the shuttle can also take you to the mall.

-Stay in. Watch a movie on Netflix instead of going to the theater to see a new movie. You can see new movies in a matter of months once they come out at the Redbox. Avoid walking around the mall. You will go into a shop and buy something that you think you need.

- Do not buy coffee. The cafeteria has coffee. If you have a meal plan for the cafeteria, use it. Go get breakfast and coffee in the morning there instead of spending money on a coffee in the student center.
(Or bring a coffee maker even though it is frowned upon by the campus staff.)


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