College 101: Making Friends

2:12 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

I think one of all of our concerns when starting up at a new school is: How am I going to make friends?

When I transferred to a four year college, I honestly had no idea where to start looking for friends. I had been shy my entire life. I did not like putting myself out there. But I knew that this was a fresh start for me, and I could change.

Here are some things I did to put myself out there and make some of my best friends:
-If people in my dorm had their doors open, I would walk in and start up a conversation.
-I joined a sorority. (ASA for life!)
-If my dormmates were hanging out in the lounge, I would sit down and join them.
-I said hi to the people I sat next to in class.
-If I liked an outfit someone was wearing, I would tell them. (You run into the same people every day when walking around in-between classes. You can make friends this way.)
-Join a club for your major. (I joined the English club at my college.)
-Go to the free events your school throws. Colleges offer beginning of the year events, end of the semester events, free food events, etc.
-If you have a roommate, hangout with him or her. After all, you are going to be living with this person for nine months.

Hope this helps some of you starting off at college. If anyone has more ideas, comment down below so everyone can see them!


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