What Do I Believe In?

12:22 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments


I often sit down and ask myself this question: What do I believe in? There are things I think I believe in, but I am not sure if I do. I question everything all the time. I wonder if what I believe to be right is actually wrong. But there are some things that always come back to me, and I know for me, they are right most of the time. I have made a list of some of those things.

-I believe in loving one another unconditionally.
-I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated.
-I believe in doing what you love.
-I believe in the beauty of nature.
-I believe in a omniscient and omnipotent entity that created this world. The only proof I have for this is nature.
-I believe in reading every dystopian novel I can get my hands on.
-I believe in eating that last cookie if I want to.
-I believe that our individual souls are only a piece of a grand network. Each of us are connected through the veins of this network. Our souls intertwine to form one massive soul.
-I believe in love.
-I believe in living a happy life.
-I believe our souls yearn for connections with other souls.
-I believe our souls crave to travel. We all have wanderlust spirits.


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