College 101: Dorm Life

2:38 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

Oh, dorm life. Sharing a dorm with so many people can have its perks. But it also has its downsides.


-You have 50+ built in friends living down the hall from you. It is so easy to make friends while living in a dorm. You live together. You share a bathroom with these people. It is impossible not to become friends with them.

-If you need something, more than likely, someone will have it. If you need a hairtie, a pencil, something to read, etc, someone in your dorm is more than likely to have what you need. You just have to ask.

-Hangouts. We used to have movie nights in one of our friends rooms. Or we would hangout in the lounge until the early hours of morning talking. If you are bored at 3am, there will most likely be someone who is awake to hangout with.

-Food. You all can group up after class to get dinner at the cafeteria. Or, if you walk down by yourself, you are more than likely going to find someone from you dorm already chowing down.


-You share a bathroom. Sometimes living with people has its downsides. You observe them leave toothpaste in the sink or leave clothing in the showers. They leave hair on the counter. Sometimes you just know too much.

-Their rooms are just unacceptable. They may not do their laundry more than once a month. They have food containers from the beginning of the semester lying around. You may wonder where the floor is. I am not saying all people are disorganized, but sometimes, you have seen too much.

-You may not get along. I got along with everyone in my dorm except my roommate. We did not hate each other or yell at each other. We just did not have anything in common. She is my complete opposite. It sucked sometimes, but it also had its perks. I was hardly ever in my room, so I made some great friendships by sticking my head in other rooms.


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