College 101: Picking A Major

12:46 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

So, you've submitted your application and have been accepted at a college. Congratulations!...But now the real fun begins.

How in the world do you pick a major?

I switched my major around a couple of times and have added a minor and special program. I started off as a Secondary Education Major at my local community college. Then I decided that I wanted to learn more about writing, not teaching, so I switched to General Studies in order to graduate in two years while taking English (and Philosophy) classes. When I transferred to a four year college, I became an English Major. Recently, I added the Philosophy Minor as well as a Teaching Program.

So I guess the point I am making is, it is okay if you do not choose the major for you the first time. I know many of us (including myself) worry that we will be stuck in school forever and rack up that debt that we pay off for what seems like our entire lives. But we change over the course of our college education. Our interests will change. What we once thought we wanted to spend the rest of our lives doing might actually frustrate us and cause us to dislike where our lives are going.

This post is not to tell you '5 Steps To Finding The Right Major For You On The First Try.' This post is here to tell you that your major will most likely change at some point during your time in college and that it is okay to have a change of heart. What I can tell you to do is pick the major that best fits your aspirations now. If you want to be a teacher, become an education major. Maybe down the line you decide you want to be an accountant. Who knows. Worry about who you are now, and what you want now.


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