My Goals for 2015

9:42 PM Shannon McLeod 2 Comments

I feel like I am the millionth person saying this, but I cannot believe it is 2015! Time seems to be flying by!

1.) Wake up around 7 every morning and begin my day. As a college student, it is common to find myself easily sleeping in until 10 or 11 each morning. This year I would like to set myself on a wake up schedule, so I have more time to accomplish my goals before going to bed earlier. I've realized that staying up until 2 in the morning isn't helping me in any way.

2.) Walk 20 minutes everyday. I'm hoping that this one will be pretty easy to stick with as long as I wake up early.

3.) Read at least 1 book a month. I love reading. I think that is a given. I also love writing. To become a better writer, I need to read more.

4.) Read/watch the news a couple days a week. I don't pay attention to the news that often, but I'm beginning to think that I should start doing that. We need to keep ourselves aware of what is happening around us, myself included.

5.) Finish writing a novel. This year I am going to finish a novel no matter what it takes.

6.) Graduate from college. As long as I can get through my winter intersession course and my last semester taking 19 credits, I will officially earn my BA.

7.) Get a big girl job. I'm hoping to get a job teaching right after college to get some experience in before I start travelling abroad.

What are some of your goals? Let me know! Hope you all are having a great start to the year!


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