Sometimes We All Need a Break

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Hi everyone!

It's been a few weeks since we've seen one another! Let me update you on what has been going on.

-I went skiing.
     One of my friends from college invited me to go with her and some friends up to her boyfriend's cabin the first weekend in February to go skiing. I had a blast! I came up to FSU early to meet up with some of my friends (and eat Moe's) before we left for the cabin. We only went skiing on Saturday, but it was great to get some practice in. I was better at skiing then I ever remember being, and this trip made me realize that skiing isn't always about going down the slopes as fast as you can. Sometimes you have to slow down and work on improving your skiing skills. Everyone can use the practice.

-I cleaned my room and started living more minimally.
     I spent four days going through my room and purging relentlessly. I've been doing a ton of research on living a minimalistic lifestyle. I don't think I will ever get to the point where I only own 20 pieces of clothing, including socks and underwear, but I do think cutting down on my belongings and clearing space in my room has made me feel more at peace. I'm also planning on having a yardsale later this month, so I have a lot of cleaning to do around the rest of our house to prepare for that. I also plan on doing another one once I've travelled for 1-2 years and come home.

-I think I'm having my quarterlife crisis.
     The middle two weeks of February were a challenge for me. I went from feeling on top of the world to unmotivated, lost, and trapped within a couple of days. I started to panic as I realized my life is passing me by. What am I really accomplishing right now by working a part-time job I don't want forever? I know that I have planned to the point where I can move to Chiang Mai at the end of this month, but the fact of the matter is that it is hard to get a job without being there. I've panicked over if I can find a job without having any formal teaching experience, and how much I would need to make tutoring and performing freelance writing jobs to survive if I can't find a job. I've considered not teaching in Chiang Mai for the sole purpose of it being terrifying going over there without job security. I've thought of every option possible from trying to find a teaching job in the US, teaching in another country that will pay me a lot of money for my time, moving to a different state in the US and focusing more on writing, etc. The possibilities are endless, but through it all I've realized that it's okay to be scared of the future. I don't know if things will work out for me. But I have to move past the fear of failing if I ever want to succeed.

-I've started doing strength exercises and stretching.
    One day I decided I was going to start exercising and stretching. I've been keeping it up for the past couple of weeks, and I show no signs of stopping. I'm hoping that my arms and abs will start to show their new strength sometime in the future!

-I've been considering freelance writing as a side career.
     I think it's obvious writing is one of my top passions in life. For some reason, freelance writing has never been that appealing to me, but now I would love to get into it. If you have any experience with freelance writing, please give me advice! I'm not sure where to start!

Well, that's it for now. What have you guys been up to the past few weeks? Hopefully you've been having a great time and haven't been stuck in a crisis! And if you have, let's get through this together!


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