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I was sitting here, contemplating what to write about. Jonas has come and left piles of snows all over the east coast, leaving us locked up in our houses for a few days, with no way to get out. This is a time where many of us have too much time to spend thinking and reflecting. Times like these are what lead to feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. I don't think I'm the only one who needs to be cheered up on this Monday.

Here are some things that make me smile. Please feel free to share a list of things that make you smile below. You are more than welcome to share pictures as well!


I think we all appreciate being bundled up in blankets on a cold, winter day.


I have been craving bananas after work and working out. I know this is because our bodies crave sugar after working intensely. We run off of simple sugars (and carbs), and it makes me smile knowing I can enjoy a banana while it benefits my body.


This one may seem strange, considering the snow is the very thing keeping me isolated inside, but I happen to love snow. I love looking at it, especially the way it sits on the tall evergreen tree outside my bedroom window. I love playing in it. I made a snow angel yesterday while helping shovel the driveway.

A hot cup of tea

Waking up and drinking tea makes me feel good. It hydrates me and gives me an energy boost to help jumpstart my day. It's also something good to have on cold days like today to warm you and lift your spirits.

Accomplishing something you don't want to do but know will benefit you.

This is definitely something I put on my list of things that make me feel pretty damn good. There are things I don't want to do, so I do my best to make them enjoyable. Afterwards, I feel accomplished and usually discover the thing I had to do wasn't so bad to begin with.

What are some things that make you smile? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. CherylJanuary 26, 2016 at 9:06 PM
    I am looking for the Mudd black heather crochet infinity scarf from Kohls on your June 25, 2014 blog. Shannon--I did email you about it @ That was my favorite scarf ever and I lost it. If anyone out there has it and would like to sell it to me!!! Otherwise I would love to at least have the measurements of the scarf. Thank you SO much for your help! Cheryl

    1. Everyone please keep a look out for this scarf! If you do have it, let Cheryl know!