College 101: Organization & Study Habits

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I like to keep my school work extremely organized. I have methods that work for me to keep notes, study guides, and graded work in place. I also keep my schedule organized, so I have time to complete my homework, study, and stay active on campus.


The first thing I do is keep my planner updated. For the monthly overview, I keep due dates that are farther away, as well as campus activities. I write down when my upcoming quizzes/tests are and when papers are due. I write down when sorority events are as well as club meetings.

For the weekly pages, I write down my every day homework assignments. In order to avoid confusion, I keep each class separate by labeling them. I try to check off each assignment once I have completed it, but sometimes I forget. In this section, I also try and squeeze in any club meetings or sorority events for each day. If I cannot fit them all, I know that they are on the monthly calendar, so it is not too big of a deal.


The number one thing I recommend for classes is to keep each class in a separate 1" binder. This approach may not work for everyone, but from personal experience, I can tell you that it will be highly effective.

For each class, I label the front and spine with a piece of paper. I write the class name as well as my name on the bigger piece of paper and slide it in the front pocket. I cut out a smaller piece of paper for the spine and write the class name. This makes it easy to keep classes separate and know that you are bringing the correct binder to class.

I keep dividers in each binder. My dividers are usually labeled: notes, study guides, Powerpoints, and graded work, depending on the class. This helps keep me organized because everything has its own place.

I recommend investing in a hole puncher, so you hole punch handouts and printed Powerpoints to fit into your binder.


For studying, I like to use notecards. I write the main idea on the front and write the definition as well as any other key points on the back of the card. I make my notecards a week in advance. I study for quizzes and tests in-between classes, before bed, in the library, etc. With notecards, it is so easy to pull them out and read them. The "I didn't have time to study" excuse is not an excuse with this method.

If notecards do not work for you, you can always read the Powerpoints out loud or silently, make a song about the material, or act the material out. There are so many study options out there. You just have to find the ones that work best for you.


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