My Last Semester of College

9:00 AM Shannon McLeod 2 Comments

Hi everyone!

Today is a strange day for me. It is full of excitement, anxiety, and eagerness. I have come to the realization that today is my last official first day of school. The curiosity of wondering who my classmates will be and what we are going to learn will end after today. This realization is bittersweet. I am confident that I can enter the real world and do things that I love, inspire me, and make me happy. At the same time, I am going to miss it. I made some of my best friends these past couple of years, joined a sorority, and learned that pizza is a good choice any night of the week. It will be hard to leave this life that I made for myself behind. But I know that I can keep my friends and sisterhood close and still have this fresh start.

Soon I will have a teaching job, be moving into my own apartment, and paying my own rent (yikes!). I will make new friends and go on many more adventures. This is only the beginning for me.

With love,

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  1. Congrats on being almost done with college.

    Love always,