Target Haul: NYX Makeup, Skincare, Hair Products, Etc!

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I went to Target on Saturday. My Target recently began carrying NYX makeup products...which made me explode from happiness on the inside. I love NYX's makeup...especially their jumbo eye shadow pencils. I picked up a few of their products I have been interested in trying, along with a few other things. I hope you enjoy this haul!

Target Haul
This is everything I bought at Target compiled into a neat pile.

Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Skin Cleansing Facial Mask
I LOVE this mask. I can get around 2-4 uses from one package (even
though it claims you only get one). My skin feels refreshed after
using this product on my face. It also helps with acne scarring.

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Sensitive Skin Calming Facial Mask
I love the tomato mask, so I decided to try the cucumber mask as well
because I have very sensitive, dry, acne prone skin.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder In Blonde
I have been on a rampage finding new brow products to try. I use an
eye shadow from a Physician's Formula palette right now. I decided
that I needed to find an actual brow product to use on my brows. I
know I like powders, so I picked this one up byNYX in Blonde.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream In Addis Ababa
I own one Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX, and I love it. I am a chapstick
addict, so when I wear lip products, I need something that craves my
need to apply chapstick. This product works for that. It dries matte
and stays on forever.

NYX HD High Definition Eye Shadow Base
I love the Urban Decay Eyelid Primer. I have been looking for cheaper
alternatives. I love the ELF eyelid primer. I tried this one out once
and so far, my eye shadow is lasting all day with this primer. NOTE: Eye shadow
creases easily on my eyes.

NYX Dream Catcher Eye Shadow Palette
The NYX Dream Catcher Palette. I have only tried out a couple of the
colors. The ones I have tried are pigmented and last all day.

NYX Dream Catcher Eye Shadow Palette
Here is a close up of the colors. A couple of the colors have shimmer. I have
only tried the matte brown colors so far.

Revlon Multi Care Base and Top Coat Nail Polish
I have been looking for a topcoat to replace my Rimmel one that I cannot
seem to find anywhere. I decided to pick up this Revlon Base
and Top Coat Duo Polish. I painted my nails on Sunday. I am typing this
on Wednesday night. The polish has not chipped at all. NOTE: I work
in an Antique Shop, lifting things, pulling labels off of items we
get in, etc. The polish on my nails should be gone by now. I give credit
to this Base and Top Coat Duo Polish for my nails not chipping yet.

Yes To Age Blueberries Refresh Cleaning Facial Towelettes
More skincare, that seems to not be placed up at the top of the list with
the other two items. Oh well, we will just deal with this being down
here. I stated above that I love the tomato mask. Now that I think about it,
I am pretty sure I have used the cucumber cleansing wipes before and
liked them. I bought these to try because I hope they smell like blueberries
they were on sale, and I like everything I have tried from the Yes To
brand so far.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner In Moist
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I use this deep conditioner once a week. My hair
feels so soft after using this in my hair. I have very curly hair, so I can
typically only wear it down the day I washed it, then the next day I
have to wear it up because it becomes a tangled mess while sleeping
the previous night. With this product, I can wear my hair down 2-3
days in a row, depending on when I wash my hair again.

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo And Conditioner
I picked up some more of my shampoo and conditioner. I have been using
these products since high school. I love the smell and how clean/soft my
hair feels after a shower. (The scent is great. People tell me they
can smell me before they see me, which I guess could be weird to
some. Also, they like the scent, which is a plus).
 That is it! I hope you enjoyed this haul. I will see you tomorrow!


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