25 Things I Have Done

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I always talk about the things I want to do, but I never really talk about the things I have done in life. I have done a lot in life. I think it is time that I give myself credit for the things that I have done. I think it is time for all of us to give ourselves credit. We do so much without even realizing it. We focus on the next big thing we want to do instead of taking the time to reflect on how far we have come in this life.

1.) I earned an AA Degree at community college.

2.) I have gone to New York City with only a friend twice. (My parents are not keen on the idea of me going there by myself yet).

3.) I took the initiative to go to Yoga Classes by myself. (I am very shy, so this was an accomplishment for me).

4.) I took the initiative to apply for jobs (and went to the interviews (and got the jobs)).

5.) I have gone spelunking.

6.) I volunteered to rappel down a thirty plus foot cliff in a cave with hardly any light first. (What a cool experience that was).

7.) I rode a horse.

8.) I swam with dolphins.

9.) I swam with and fed stingrays.

10.) I drove through parts of eastern Tennessee. (I have not been off of the east coast much).

11.) I stood up for what I believed in.

12.) I let go of a toxic friendship.

13.) I watched Breaking Bad (yes, the entire series).

14.) I bought a camera (I may be trying the Youtube thing out).

15.) I joined a sorority.

16.) I took the initiative to apply, visit, and accept a place at a four-year college.

17.) I graduated from community college with a 3.76 GPA.

18.) I started a blog.

19.) I went to Disney World (three times).

20.) I ziplined in a forest.

21.) I learned how to make meatloaf (I love meatloaf so much).

22.) I graduated from high school.

23.) I vacationed in Key West.

24.) I snorkeled at the Dry Tortugas National Park.

25.) One time, I put together a desk (that was an accomplishment).

What are some things you have done? Comment down below!


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