Monthly Favorites: July 2014 Camera, Book, TV Show, & More!

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 It is that time of month again where I share my monthly favorites with you guys! I have plenty of favorites this month, so let's jump right in!
1.) Canon Power Shot 12.1 Megapixel 2X280HS Digital Camera

I bought this camera about three weeks ago. I love this camera. The video quality is great for my Youtube tutorials. It also has many settings for taking pictures. The only downside of this camera is the battery life when you are filming a video. The battery drains quickly, but it is not that much of a problem for me, as I only film two videos a week.

2.) The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I started reading this book during this month. I am not finished yet, but I thought I would through the book in here this month because I need to talk about Morgenstern's writing. She is a descriptive author who paints poetry with her words in this novel. I am a huge fan of this writing style, as I use it myself in most of my own pieces.

3.) NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

I bought this eye shadow base a couple weeks ago. This eye shadow base is everlasting. It blends easily. It helps my makeup last all day. My eye shadow does not crease halfway through my day. This base is a great cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

4.) Writing

I have been writing more this summer, as I have more free time. At the beginning of this month, I set up a writing challenge for myself. I almost forget how much I love writing because during the school year I never have much time for free-writing.

5.) Favorite TV Show of the Month: Grey's Anatomy

Things have not changed from last months favorites. Grey's Anatomy is still my favorite TV show! I talk about it all the time on my Twitter account. Obsessed does not begin to cover it. I am at the beginning of Season 8 right now. I cannot believe that the characters (well, some of them) are in their final year of residency!

6.) Favorite Movie of the Month: Maleficent

I loved this movie so much that I recommended it for one of my Friday Movie Nights. It was great getting to see a take on what happened to Maleficent leading up to her cursing Aurora.

7.) Favorite Song of the Month:

The Dirty Heads - End of the World (Check this song out here).
My Song 5 - Haim (Check this song out here).

Check out my video I did on my July 2014 Monthly Favorites on my Youtube channel here!

Hope you enjoyed my monthly favorites! Comment some of your favorites or attach a link to your monthly favorites, and I will check them out!

Have a wonderful Thursday! I will see you all tomorrow with Friday Movie Night!


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