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Hello, everyone. Today I'm going to share my Morning routine with you. I'm going to take you through a typical weekend day, since during the week there isn't much to my morning except showering and eating.

The first thing I do when I wake up is say good morning and thank the Universe for another day. I then stretch and say at least three things I am grateful for. After this, I usually stay off of the internet until I'm about to eat breakfast, but sometimes I spend thirty minutes to one hour online.

The next thing I do is make my bed. I find that a made bed really helps set my day in the right direction. Then it's breakfast time. I make some form of oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast because it's quick, easy to make, and the possibilities for what you can put in it are vast. This particular morning I made a Peanut Butter and Jelly oatmeal, which tasted delicious. I can make a recipe post for this, if that is something anyone would be interested in.

I usually watch something on Netflix while eating breakfast. I just finished watching all of Gilmore Girls and the revival, so I'm still trying to figure out which show Im going to watch next. Thailand Netflix has Vikings and Outlander, so I think I'm going to watch one of these next.

After breakfast, I sometimes do yoga or some form of meditation. I've been doing yoga every day this month and I'm loving it. I used to do yoga two to three times a week a couple of years ago, but I stopped when I went off to college. After I exercise, I clean my dishes and take a shower. I tried to get a cool picture of my shower, but there isn't really a cool way to get the shot. You can see that Thailand bathrooms are different from Westernized ones. The bathroom is all one big room where as opposed to America where the shower is its own separate room.

I put my laundry in the washer after I shower. Then comes kitten time. I usually make a cup of green tea and go sit outside of the balcony while I drink and pet all of the kittens. They are growing up so fast. This picture is of Carla. She is an adventurous little thing, but she loves to take a nap in my lap.


Once I've had my morning kitten fix, I read. I just finished Beyond Wirds: What Animals Think and Feel, and I'm working on Thinking As Fast As I Can. I usually read for somewhere around an hour. Sometimes more or less, depending on my mood.


I'm starting to get hungry, so I'll put beans or rice in my rice cooker to get those started for lunch. Then I hang up all of my clothes outside on my balcony to dry.

So that's my Thailand morning routine. I'm not sure how great of a post this was, but if you enjoyed hearing about my morning let me know, and I can do a night routine post as well. See ya next time.


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