Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2016

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With the new year comes time to start a new show on Netflix that you can finish, or there isn't a possibility of the show going off anytime soon, so it's worth investing your time in. I have a list of some of my favorite shows, which are available on Netflix right now.

I recently finished this show, and I wish that I had started watching it when I was younger. This show has comedy, drama, and lasting friendships that will inspire you to work on your own. I now understand why Friends has been named one of the best shows on television time and time again over the years. I highly recommend it. The entire series is available on Netflix.

Breaking Bad
I started this show because my dad and brother watched it. They don't watch much television, so the fact that they were into this show told me that it must be good. The show follows Walt, a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has cancer. He starts making and dealing meth as a way of paying for his treatments and saving money for his family. The entire series is available on Netflix.

Grey's Anatomy
This show is a medical drama that intertwines the lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings. The main character of the show is surgical intern Meredith Grey. The audience gets to watch her career and love life develop. The show is on its twelfth season and shows no signs of slowing down. The first eleven seasons are available on Netflix.

Once Upon A Time
I think this is my favorite show. It combines fairy tales with magic and a world without magic. There is a curse that must be broken and a savior that needs to do some believing. The first four seasons are available on Netflix, and the fifth season is going to enter its second half this March. There is time to catch up, if you are committed to your cause.

The Walking Dead
I really don't think there is anyone left who hasn't seen at least one episode of this show. This is one of the most realistic apocalypse shows on television right now. The characters are dynamic and the gore is bloody. What more could you want on a show about zombies? The first five seasons of the show are available on Netflix.

Do you plan on watching any of these shows? Do you have any suggestions for me or anyone else to watch? Comment below!


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