Winter Essentials 2015 Edition

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Winter is upon us. I love fall, but I believe that winter is a time for reflection and appreciating what we have. To help myself enjoy this time of year, I like to do certain things that I normally don't do year round and things that I do around the year, but do more of during winter.

Drink Tea

I drink tea year round, but during the cold winter months, I like to drink hot tea as often as I can. Tea is beneficial for your health, and depending on the kind you drink, can focus on something specific. I like to drink Sleepytime Tea some nights when I am having a harder time falling asleep and Green Tea in the morning, because it helps put your body in motion by giving you tons of energy.

Light Candles

I like to light candles throughout the year, but there is something warm and cozy about lighting a candle on a cold winter night when curled up in bed with a good book. My favorite candle scent is Black Tie from Bath and Body Works. It has a musky scent to it that I think fits fall and winter better than the rest of the year.

Wear Fuzzy Socks

My feet are constantly cold. I don't like wearing socks and shoes, so my feet get cold quick once I wake up and start my day. In the winter time, I find myself enjoying fuzzy socks. I like the warmth and the soft texture.

Bundle up in Multiple Layers

I rarely take my hoodie off during winter. I like to wear multiple layers around the house, and I add a couple more blankets onto my bed. I enjoy the cold more than the heat, because I can layer my clothes and blankets, and I have the option of removing a layer when I get too hot, and I'll still be warm, but I won't be burning up.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know some of your winter essentials in the comments below!


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