A Reflective Walk in Nature

2:27 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

Hello there.
Recently I went for a walk around my neighborhood. Winter is quickly approaching in Maryland, so I enjoyed the cloudy sky and leafless trees. I believe that winter is a time for us to recharge and reflect on ourselves and the world around us. It's a time to be mindful and take in the beauty around us. So many dislike winter because of the cold and bareness that surrounds them. I thrive off of this time, and I think we can all benefit from slowing down and taking the time to observe and reflect.

I wish this post would've had pictures of my own, but I didn't bring my camera out with me. I'm hoping to get some pictures of my neighborhood and the stars next week. Let me know what you like to do during this time of year. Do you spend your time reflecting?


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