Monthly Favorites: December 2015

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Wow, this month has flown by! I feel like I just wrote my November Monthly Favorites post yesterday! I have spent a majority of my month working and reading. I haven't done as much writing as I usually do around this time of year, but I plan on focusing on it in the new year.

Here are my favorites this month:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I love this book! It came at a time when I needed to reinspire myself. I am so glad I bought it and read it this month, as opposed to asking for it for Christmas. I plan on writing a book review on this book. I will link it here when I post it.

Ghost Asylum 

Ghost Asylum follows a ghost hunting team that visit haunted places and attempt to catch the spirits there. I like watching these type of shows, as I am a believer in ghosts and demons. I think the team is hilarious and good at what they do. My favorite paranormal show will always be Ghost Hunters, but Ghost Asylum is a good one to watch if you are into this type of show.


I've been working 41+ hour weeks this month, so I have been loving spending some of my free time relaxing. I like to get a lot of my to do lists accomplished on days off, but I enjoy spending my first hour or two awake laying in bed watching YouTube videos or playing games on my iPad. Sometimes nothing feels as good as laying in bed doing nothing.


I've recently gotten back into playing solitaire. My mom loves this game, and I always see her playing it. I decided to put it on my iPad for right after work when I need to relax and not think too much about what I'm doing. The game is fun, and I love trying to beat the best times and moves under the "winning deals" category, even though I always lose.

Comfy clothes

It's starting (more like trying) to get cold here in Maryland, so I have all of my sweatpants and hoodies ready to go. I love to curl up in bed with my hoodie on and pile my mass of blankets on top of me. Just thinking about doing this makes me happy.

Let me know your favorites for the month of December! Also, please note that I will not be posting on Friday as that is Christmas. I will be spending the day with my family. Instead, I will post on Saturday.


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