My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtube Channels

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I love watching beauty videos on Youtube. I can sit for hours watching video after video of makeup looks, hauls, tag videos, etc. I love trying out different makeup looks and recipes that youtubers post. I have compiled a list of my top five favorite beauty Youtube channels.

5.) Alisha Marie

Alisha is a new favorite youtuber of mine. Her personality shines in her videos. I love her healthy food videos. She does a variety of videos like hauls, fitness, and DIY. I like that she does a variety because I never know what to expect from her channel.

4.) Shaaanxo

Shannon has an adventurous makeup personality. I love her makeup looks, especially her crazy looks. She experiments with crazy lips colors like orange, yellow, and purple. She is always trying new products for her viewers and gives her honest opinion. She has never done a look that I haven't liked.

3.) Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson

I have been watching Kalyn for I believe close to six months at this point. I love her makeup looks because she uses mostly affordable drugstore products that fit my budget if I want to try them. She also does a weekly feature called #fitnessfriday, where she posts meals, workouts, and inspirations for a healthy lifestyle.

2.) Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist who knows what she is talking about. She designs makeup looks that complement almost every skin tone and eye color. She takes everyone into account when making a look. I love her personality and bloopers at the end of each video. She also has a cute little dog, named Georgie, who makes an appearance in a lot of her videos.

1.) Karissa Pukas
Karissa Pukas

Karissa has been my favorite youtuber ever since I discovered her channel a year and a half ago. She posts the best makeup looks. She has a cute Chihuahua named Lola. My favorite part of her channel are her TMI Tuesday videos where she opens up about her opinions and life. I really enjoy watching these types of videos. We also have quite a bit in common. I could rewatch her videos over and over again.

That's it! Do you watch any of these youtubers? Are any of these ladies in your top 5? Comment your top 5 beauty youtube channels below!


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