Inspiration of the Week: Clark Little (The Man Who Gets Inside The Waves)

11:27 AM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

Clark Little taking a photo of himself in the water at the beach.

You may have seen Clark Little mentioned in the trending topics on Facebook this past Tuesday. If not, let me bring you up to speed. Clark Little is a professional photographer who takes photography to a whole new level. He takes pictures of waves, but not from the outside. He gets inside of the waves, taking pictures of shorebreak waves.

According to his website, when Little was younger, he discovered he had a talent for jumping into shorebreak waves...and living to tell the tale. He began taking pictures of shorebreak waves when his wife wanted a picture of a wave to hang in their living room. From there, Little's passion skyrocketed into a full-time career.

Check out his instagram here, his photography website here, and the article I discovered him from here.

Little inspires me to pursue what I love. He inspires me to put my heart and soul into writing, teaching, and inspiring others. I hope he inspires you as well.

Live an inspired life,


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