Life Reflection: A Home Cooked Meal

10:37 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

Mom serving a home cooked meal

Tonight I realized how important family is to me. I spent seven hours at work today. I came home feeling tired and ready to sleep. However, I knew that my mom had invited my neighbors (Mr. Jeff and my non-biological, but really my youngest brother, Ven) over for dinner tonight (because they are incapable of cooking anything other than scrambled eggs and hotdogs while Mrs. Noy (my other mother) is out of town). I walked into my house to find my mom working on the feast she made for Mr. Jeff, Ven, and me. She spent hours looking up this recipe for a chicken, potato, and bacon dish. She made broccoli, salad, and garlic bread, and took everyone's personal tastes into consideration (we had three kinds of salad dressing to choose from). She had set the table and cleaned up after herself, so the dishes would not pile up on us after our feast.

Seeing all the work my mom had put into dinner, I made up the shortcake batter for our Strawberry Shortcake dessert, while my mom cut up the strawberries.. Mr. Jeff and Ven arrived after watering their garden and ushering the chickens back into their coop. Our meal was over two hours long, full of heartfelt stories of the past, as well as some sarcastic humor, brought by yours truly. I was sad when they had to go, because I had enjoyed sitting and talking, without a thought of playing on my phone or computer on my mind.

Sitting here I see that we spend so much time working to make more money, watching television, or burying ourselves into our computers. We need to spend more time with those closest to us. They bring out the best in us and help us discover new things in this chaos called life.


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