Introduction: 15 Facts About Me

12:55 AM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

Hello and welcome to my blog! Tonight I thought I would start my blog with a fun introduction! Here are 15 facts about me:

1.) I can move both of my eyebrows up and down, one at a time.

2.) I have an addiction to chapstick.

3.) I have an AA Degree.

4.) Growing up, the only pets we ever owned were parakeets and hermit crabs.

5.) My favorite animals are sharks and squirrels.

6.) In my spare time, I like to walk around my room, narrating my actions in the voice of Stitch.

7.) I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

8.) I've been collecting my movie theater ticket stubs for over two years.

9.) I've lived in the same house since I was two.

10.) My favorite bands are The Veronicas and Megan & Liz.

11.) My feet are huge. I wear a size ten shoe.

11.) I could eat sesame chicken everyday for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it.

12.) I am an English major and a Philosophy minor. I am also in a teaching program.

13.) My goals in life are to teach others, travel the world, and become a published author.

14.) I have one biological brother, named Connor. I have two neighbors that live down the street from me, whom I call my brothers, because I have known them for sixteen of my twenty years of life. Their names are Robert and Ven.

15.) As Augustus Waters said, I fear oblivion.

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