Monthly Favorites: November 2015

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Another month has come and gone. Here are my November monthly favorites:

Waking up at five in the morning for work doesn't put me in the mood for breakfast. I have been able to tolerate Cheerios at this early hour, so I've been eating a lot of them to have something in my stomach. Plus, Cheerios are healthy, so why not eat them more often?

-Pizza Rolls
I know pizza rolls aren't healthy, and I promise I do eat them in moderation, but they are so tasty, especially the combination flavor. If you love pizza, which happens to be my personal favorite food group, then pizza rolls may be something you should look into trying.

TV Shows:
I have been watching Friends since October, and I am willing to admit that I am already in season nine. The characters and plot lines in this show are hilarious and believable. I just can't believe that they ended the show with its popularity. Despite there only being ten seasons, I am grateful to you, Netflix, for having all of them readily available for my binging pleasure.

I've missed the past few seasons while I was away at college, but I have been watching the latest season now that I am home. I grew up watching this show from the very beginning with my mom and brother. I typically don't watch reality shows or game shows, but this show is fantastic, especially the latest season, because it features returning players from previous seasons.

At first I did not like this show, but I decided to give it another chance and fell in love. I'll admit it isn't historically accurate, but that doesn't take away how entertaining it is. I've been loving the third season, and I'm excited to see the mid-season finale this Friday.

-Age of Adaline
I finally got around to watching this movie this month, and I absolutely loved it. Blake Lively is a fantastic actress who commands each scene with her presence. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good love story or movies that focus around a protagonist who has stopped aging.

-Eat, Pray, Love
I am so glad that I finally bought this book and read it. I'm planning on posting a book review this upcoming month, so I will talk more about the book there.

-The Happiness Project
I have had this book for awhile, and I decided to read it now because I want to start my own happiness project next year. I will be posting a book review of this book along with a post about my happiness project sometime in December.

-Kalyn Nicholson
I've been following Kalyn's YouTube channel for a few years now. She posts beauty, fitness, and food type videos. I also love her vlog channel, where she has been posting weekly videos. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I highly recommend checking her out.

I went to Philly earlier this month to visit my friend Bridget. I lived with her for a month this summer while I took a class to get certified in teaching English abroad, so I was excited to be back in the city. I love the atmosphere, food, subway system, people, and places that I can visit for free or cheap. This is one city I would love to spend more time exploring.

What were your favorites this month? Comment below and let me know! (Do you like the rhyme?)


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