Facts About Me That Pertain to the Present

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It's been awhile since I have posted on this blog (other then the post I made on Friday). I'm not the same exact person I was in the past so, I would like to share some facts about me that pertain more to who I am now.

1. I am teaching myself how to speak Thai. I will be travelling abroad to teach English in the next few months, and my ideal destination is Chiang Mai, Thailand. Learning Thai has been tricky because it is a tonal language, but I am getting the hang of speaking some of the basics (finally).

2. I have an undying thirst for knowledge. I've been doing crossword puzzles, reading, watching videos, etc to learn as much as I can.

3. I have a terrible short-term memory, so I am working on improving it. I'm trying to improve my memory through reading and memory based games/puzzles.

4. I got my passport a couple of months ago, and every couple of days I get this strong urge to drive to Canada, so I can experience a different country from the USA. Who knows, I may act on it soon.

5. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I've always been very shy, which has caused me to keep my opinions to myself. In the past year, I have really started to share my opinions with others and speak up when it needs to be done. I'm not afraid of getting into an argument for saying or doing the right thing.

6. I am slowly transitioning myself into becoming a morning person. I've always been a night person, because I believed I was more inspired in the presence of the moon and darkness. When I went to Philadelphia I started waking up early and watching the sun rise before I got ready for class. I became inspired in my writing by the rising of the sun, and I believe that my soul stirred from its slumber when embraced in the light of a new day full of opportunities. I also find that rising earlier give me more time to accomplish my goals for the day then it would if I woke up later.

7. I'm more spiritual now. I've always considered myself to be more of a spiritual person than a religious person. I've been working on surrounding my life in a positive light. I would like to start doing yoga again and meditating more then I do. I guess there is no time like the present to start doing these things.

Let me know some facts about you down below or on Twitter or Facebook! I love hearing from you!


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