Day 3 in Tokyo, Japan: Lost on the Subway, Ueno Park, and Off to Bangkok

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This post was written in August 2016 and will not be edited from its original form.

Day 3 in Tokyo started out with another delicious breakfast. I had a salad, bread, rice, and other various fruits and vegetables. They did not have miso soup available like on the first day, so I skipped out of the soup.

Vanida wanted to go to a big Buddha Statues somewhere outside of Tokyo (and off the subway map). We asked the hotel staff for subway route directions, and they told us to take the Ginza line down to a certain stop before transferring to a different line. I got us as far as the stop and we asked a worker at the station how we transferred to get to our destination. Somehow we failed to get on the correct line. We later discovered there are two JR lines, but we took the wrong one. By the time we realized we were on the wrong line, we decided to just go back to Ueno and head to Ueno Park. When I look back now, I would have liked it if we had pursued going to the Buddha statue more than we had, but I’ve said before that jetlag is not a joke. We were tired and fancied riding the subway back to Ueno more than pursuing an unknown destination and getting lost.

We managed to make our way to Ueno Park after asking some of the Ueno Station workers how to get there. The park was stunning, even on a hot summer afternoon. There were a few temples and exhibits. Be cautious that the exhibits are temporary and cost money to enter. The exhibits we saw were not crowded while there, but I would recommend buying your tickets ahead of time, just to be on the safe side. The views of the nature inside the park had me hypnotized. I am a lover of mother nature, especially trees. This is a tourist destination, so it is difficult to take pictures without people being in the background. It is possible to get some good shots though.

After the park, we went to a nearby restaurant and ate a Japanese version of a pizza along with a Japanese salad and dessert. I liked that all the restaurants we went to, as well as many others, had menus in English. It made my life easier than just pointing at pictures, like I’ve had to do sometimes since arriving to Thailand.

Our flight was at 6:20PM, so at this point we went back to the hotel to get our luggage and make the 1 ½ hour journey back to Narita Airport. Going back to the airport was a lot easier than going into the city, as I expected it would be. I liked having the opportunity to see more of Japan through the subway windows on the way back to the airport.

We made our way to our gate and still had a couple of hours to kill. Vanida did some shopping in a Japanese candy and sweets store in the airport while I manned our cart. At this point, I was pretty much our of Japanese yen, and I didn’t want to convert anymore of my money, so I didn’t get anything. Once done shopping, we went to our gate and waited to make our journey to Bangkok!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Next week I will start to post about my many adventures in Thailand! See you next week!


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