My Happiness Project: February 2016 (Writing) Goals Review

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Hi, everyone!

It's that time again for an update on My Happiness Project! This month was all about writing, which means I was SUPER excited to get started. I'm going to go into detail on all of my specific goals in this category and how well I kept up my January Goals. If you're curious about the book that inspired me to make my own happiness project, you can find my book review on it here. Let's get starteddd!

-write at least 300 words every day.

-learn a new word every day.

-finish the first draft of The Headquarters.

Write at least 300 words every day.

I was pretty successful with this goal. By the end of the month, I expected to have at least 8,700 words written, and I ended with over 22,000, with most of that count dedicated to The Headquarters. I've mentioned on my blog before that I struggle with keeping myself on track with writing. I often write when I feel inspired, but never any other time. This month I stepped up my writing game and made myself proud!

Learn a new word every day.

This goal started off going well. I was recording new words that I learned so that I could practice using them every day to ingrain them in my mind. This was a poor approach that I took from years of being subjected to standardized testing. I haven't practiced going through the words since week 2, and I honestly could only name 1 or 2 of the words I wrote down. I have since decided to take this goal off the table. I may decide to come back to it in the future, but for now, I am accepting that it wasn't helping me at all.

Finish the first draft of The Headquarters.
I honestly don't know how I expected to finish the first draft of my book this month, and sure enough, I didn't. I did manage to write over 20,500 words towards the first draft, which is more than I have written towards it in the past couple of years. I realized towards the middle of last week that I could make it to 20,000 words if I buckled down every day and gave myself a couple hours to write, so I did that and went beyond 20,000! This next month I plan on writing close to 1,000 words of The Headquarters everyday, so I should end up somewhere near the 30,000 word mark by the 31st.

January 2016 Goals

I've been doing a pretty awful job with following my energy goals. I haven't been waking up as early as I should, which leads to me going to bed early but not falling asleep for a couple of hours. I have been eating fruits and vegetables, but not as many as I would like to be eating at this point. Processed food has made its way back into my life, which has definitely been a downside for my acne. I have been exercising pretty consistently the past couple of weeks, so I'm proud of that. I also managed to downsize my belongings, which was one of the tasks I needed to complete on my list. I was fine the first week of February, but I became tired and wasn't in a good place mentally, so that led to my downfall with following my January Goals. It also led to me taking a break from blogging. I plan on trying harder this next month to be consistent with all of my goals.

Let me know how your Happiness Project is going! Or just tell me how your day has been! I would love to hear from you!


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