Declutter Your Life: Small Changes

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Today I decided to clean out a couple of the bins that had things I gained in college over the past year. The containers were taking up space on my desk as well as blocking the walkway to my dresser. During the process, I recycled empty boxes and bags. That condensed the clutter by half. I then went through my belongings and decided to give away most of my things as I don't need them anymore.

Just doing that small job has me feeling refreshed. My room feels brighter and more open. I feel a sense of peace from accomplishing something on my long to-do list. I've realized that it doesn't take a lot to declutter your life and feel better going about your day. Small changes can accumulate over time to create happiness. Here are some tips to declutter your life:

1.) Start small. Don't tackle everything in one day. Clean your desk one day and your bathroom counter the next. If you try and clean up everything at once, you will feel overwhelmed and most likely won't finish anything.

2.) Make your bed. Making your bed will create an open space that will make your room feel bigger. You will also feel accomplished that you have an extra space to put things while you tackle another area of your room.

3.) Keep your nightstand organized. Keeping your nightstand organized will help you sleep better at night and wake up feeling more refreshed than if you had to look at a nightstand piled high with magazines and other personal belongings thrown on top. You can keep small things in little glass containers and put your magazines in a magazine holder off to the side.

4.) Donate what you don't need. There are plenty of organizations that you can donate unwanted clothes, books, etc to.

5.) Get rid of things you don't need. Do you need that sweatshirt that you haven't worn in two years but are saving just incase you need it? No. Get rid of the things that aren't relevant to your life anymore. They aren't helping you.

Hope these tips help. Let me know if you have any tips to share!


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