What I'm Good At

7:36 PM Shannon McLeod 0 Comments

Lately I've been observing myself and others, and thinking about the things we say. Oftentimes, we're down on ourselves, thinking that there's nothing we're good at. I caught myself the other night talking like this. I told my mom: "People like me aren't good at much, so we work with what we have." When I reflected on that statement I recognized that I'm good at many things. I just don't seem to notice them adding up. Here's a list of things I'm good at:

1.) Making people smile.

2.) Listening.

3.) Writing.

4.) Expressing my individuality.

5.) Laughing at myself when I make mistakes instead of feeling embarrassed.

6.) Empathy.

7.) Cooking.

8.) Owning up to my mistakes.

9.) Binge watching shows on Netflix.

10.) Observing the world around me.

11.) Reflecting and thinking about ways to better myself.

12.) Remembering names.

13.) Organizing my belongings as well as myself.

14.) Taking pictures.

15.) Being myself.

Make your own list down below! Let me know what you're good at!

Always remember that no matter what anyone says, you will always be good at being you and that person is worthy of being loved.


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